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2006 Eden High School SKILLS robot

About Me

David Mikolajewski MATE ROV 2009 [1][1]

My name is David Mikolajewski, I am currently a student at the University of Waterloo. Since I am in the Mechatronics Engineering program, I tend to spend my time working at school, or at a co-op placement.

I have been interested in Mechatronics since I was in my late years of primary school. During that time, I was deeply involved with the Lego Mindstorms Robotics Invention System. Throughout High school, I participated in Robotics Competition Teams such as FIRST robotics, SKILLS Ontario robotics, etc.

I do have other interests besides Mechatronics and Robotics. I am fluent in many web technologies such as FLASH, ASP, JSP, PHP, HTML, XML, SQL Databases, and more. Along with my web skills comes my ability to program using C++, ANSI C, JAVA, and Visual Basic 6. Other interests include Mechanical and Electrical Design, 3D modeling using SolidWorks, AutoDesk Inventor, and Alibre Design; and 2d modeling in AutoCAD.

Aside from technical knowledge, Sports, and Music are also favourite hobbies. I enjoy Soccer, Mountain Biking, Competitive Swimming, Ultimate Frisbee, and a host of other sports I now have little time for. As far as music is concerned, I enjoy playing the Acoustic and Electric Guitar, Piano, and Conga Drums.

CV / Resume ( authenticated version )

[1] ROV Competition Day 1, MATE 2009, DSCF1965.JPG, March 21 2011,