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Team Involvement

While completing my schooling, I tend to become involved in robotics and technology teams. Over my high school years, I contributed to FIRST robotics, and lead SKILLS robotics teams. Throughout this portion of my website you will be able to explore my involvement, and review some of the design procedures and techniques I have used.

SKILLS Ontario is an organization that promotes interest in the skilled trades. By holding regional, province wide, national, and global competitions, students are encouraged to compete in their area of expertise. The robotics competitions that were held included a maximum of four team members. Our Eden High School Robotics team was not allowed to be under the influence of direct teacher or mentor aid. With limited team, and financial resources, this competition often involved recycling of previous year's machines as well as scavenging old car, photo copier, and computer parts. The overall experience proved to be one of independent learning, team environment understanding, and independent problem solving.

FIRST robotics is also an organization whose goal is to inspire students towards technology, robotics, and engineering. It also includes competitions on the regional, national and global scale. Team 1114 which was based out of Governor Simcoe High School became one of the top standing teams in the league. While on the team I was involved in user interface control assembly, CNC design and operation, along with various lathe work. The team environment was much larger than the SKILLS team. near 150 people were involved including university mentors, engineers, and teachers. Along with the larger team size the budget was also within the multi thousand domain allowing the team to do various tasks such as community work, multiple spare parts etc. Since it was a more upscale team, there was less independent learning as there were always mentors to ask questions. The team was very structured and proved to teach industrial design, build and assembly methods.